Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Giftmess love Lola !

Made by Lilli ( i.e Little Lola)
"Mum; will Santa still come if we don't have a real Christmas tree?"

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sometimes, life gets so busy that we lose focus on the things that are important to us the most. We stress all day about work, money, bills, expectations, deadlines; never taking a moment to pause and breathe. We start drowning in an ocean of murky waters, struggling to focus on where we are going.

It's times like this I find myself sitting and staring off into space with nothing in my head but white noise. Then after a while I am able to grab hold of one thought, and begin smoothing out the convolutions in my my mind until I can eventually rest... Hoping that tomorrow, I will find focus.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Favourite Things Friday - From C

today Im swept up in this romance.
When with you im invincible, protected by your smell, when I think of not being the one who kisses you, I think of a living hell. For as long as I can remember, ive always been afraid, but once ive held you in my sleep, the dreams go on for days. Ive looked at our reflection baby, I cant believe what I see. A girl so truly beautiful is standing there with me. Ive gazed into your eyes, as you looked into mine, its purity in its finest form, ive lost my grasp of time. I only have a small regret... that whats locked up in my mind. Are the most amazing photographs where I document our lives. Eternity is forever, but id wait forever more, because im no longer just waiting, for that thing worth waiting for.

I love being a hopeless romantic.

Image and Words from Deviant Art

xx -C

{favourite things friday}

Foals. There is simply no possible way they could be cuter.

{cutting and pasting}

Just when I was about to implode under pre-Christmas stress, I sat down on a stormy morning and began a new album instead. Because, you know, I'm responsible and focused like that.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


There is nothing quite like the simple, yet wonderful, 50mm lens.

fun with a 50

i am loving my 50mm lens at the moment, we are slowly developing a relationship based on mutual respect and admiration.

I have discovered that shots are taking more planning in order to get the focus point correct but some of my "mis-shots" have actually turned out ok.

this is a little taster from some park action I enjoyed last nite with my family.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

~what is @ Lola's hip? ~

pencils, con't walk past a table of pencils without a quick hip-snap !

~Friday Fave on a Saturday~ with Lola

I was a busy little bee yesterday, celebrating International Day of People with Disability,
and was far to exhausted to blog last nite.

These are some pics from the table sponsored by the Grafton Regional Art Gallery, Rose Marin - Public Programs and Education Officer had prepared some awesome interactive activities centred around the recent JADA Exhibition at the gallery, I really enjoyed participating in the art activities alongsinde my dear friend Felicity and watching the enjoyment that the PWD had playing with "super-pencils", the feeling tubs, the make your own book project and the caption page.
My "Super-Pencil" Meditation Drawing"
mmmmm blue pencils
got lead?
Felicity working on her caption page

So my friday favorite was seeing my local community intergrating and participating and celebrating out differences, recognising that we all have disabilities but we also have abilities and this is what we should be focused on.

Friday, December 3, 2010

{favourite things friday}

I love watching the baby birds at our nearest waterhole. So fluffy and curious, and unbearably cute.

Favourite Things Friday - From C

Another friday before you know it! and again its time for favourite things friday. With Christmas looming today was Tree day in the house of Courtney. With two little kids wanting to do tree like it was the best thing on earth, and at that age, it doesnt really get much better than Tree decorating. After a few breakages a few tears, and alot of tinsel on the floor, my favourite thing was sitting on the couch relaxing, and watching to lights twinkle. There is something truly magical about fairy lights. Anything can happen during your day when fairy lights are involved.

put my feet up, sip my tea, and crochet a blanket for a tent of love.
cant get much more favourite than that.

enjoy your friday evening
xox Courtney

Sunday, November 28, 2010

{shooting from the hip}

A walk in the bush with a cheeky smile.

Shoot From The Hip

Image via We Heart It.

Look at life on a different level. Lose the constraints of compositional 'rules'.
Ignore your viewfinder, cover the LCD. Don't even look.

Hold your camera hip height and snap.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Favourites - C (Im late!)

Yes you read it right! I am late with my Friday Faves, I've just re-moved back into my house and Im currently undergoing the mammoth task of making this halfway house of doom, into a quirky nooky home. I've been scouring blogs, and design sites, getting ideas for cheap make overs, handmade decoration Im daydreaming about how to make my kitchen..mine.

all images are from WeHeartIt
and maybe ill sit and link what mine looks like after I've finished it!
enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lola's Bucket List

In no particular order these are the things i want to do, see and experiance
before I kick the bucket.
STOP! and watch my kids grow

more tattoos, a craft sleeve on my left arm with measuring tape, scissors, pincushion, yarn, needles, pins, threads, fabric, knitting delightfully woven together in vibrant colours and a picture of my dad’s Jaguar on the back of my right hip.

ANZAC Day at ANZAC Cove Gallipoli – 2015, the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. To pay my respects to the diggers who fell fighting for the freedom that we take for granted today

buy a beat up kombi van – put my Malibu on the roof and roam around Australia like a hippy with my beautiful hubby. (the purpose of this journey is to learn how to use said surfboard that husbeast bought me as a gift 6 years ago).

write a novel

sing, in a punk rock band, in front of people ala Corin Tucker, Kathleen Hanna and Donita Sparks

the Eiffel Tower... i wanna see it , just once, i wanna stand under it with my camera, 1 hour, that is all I ask for.

grow back my dreadlocks, I really loved them... wish I could find a photo ....

set small goals that i can achieve, and remember to not let myself be lost in the sense of failure if things don;t go to plan, learn to embrace the philosophy “ everything happens for a reason”

First 3 Images by Lola

all other images from We Heart It

{my bucket list}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Top 10 a Bucket List.

The thought of a bucket list, is a little morbid, but when I sat for a few mintures there were so many things I wanted to do! some small..some more bigger dreamier kind of things..but all things that I hold in my heart.

1. Marry the Man I love.

2. Become an Art Teacher and Sucessful Artist.
3. Own a quirkly little second hand bookstore...where reading the books is more important then the price of them.
4. To own a little cottage, where every room feels like home.
5. to travel again...I did so little of it, then had one day I'd like to be able to travel again..back to paris, Italy, New york...Japan.
6. To have the craft room of my dreams...and not the craftroom of being a major issue...and to learn to sew.

7. To learn Spanish Fluently...and not just the dirty lustful hot words *smiles*

8. To become a published one day have a novel in a bookstore that people actually enjoy.
9. To watch my kids, live happy healthy watch them grow up into amazing individuals.
Doing something they truly love and adore.

10. To still be totally head over heels breathlessly in love at 80.

Just 10 things Id like to do or see before I die...but 10 very close my heart things.
enjoy the lists from the other girls from Kiss My Serendipity

(all images were found via WeHeartIt)

enjoy your Tuesday.
- Courtney