Saturday, December 4, 2010

~Friday Fave on a Saturday~ with Lola

I was a busy little bee yesterday, celebrating International Day of People with Disability,
and was far to exhausted to blog last nite.

These are some pics from the table sponsored by the Grafton Regional Art Gallery, Rose Marin - Public Programs and Education Officer had prepared some awesome interactive activities centred around the recent JADA Exhibition at the gallery, I really enjoyed participating in the art activities alongsinde my dear friend Felicity and watching the enjoyment that the PWD had playing with "super-pencils", the feeling tubs, the make your own book project and the caption page.
My "Super-Pencil" Meditation Drawing"
mmmmm blue pencils
got lead?
Felicity working on her caption page

So my friday favorite was seeing my local community intergrating and participating and celebrating out differences, recognising that we all have disabilities but we also have abilities and this is what we should be focused on.

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