Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Top 10 a Bucket List.

The thought of a bucket list, is a little morbid, but when I sat for a few mintures there were so many things I wanted to do! some small..some more bigger dreamier kind of things..but all things that I hold in my heart.

1. Marry the Man I love.

2. Become an Art Teacher and Sucessful Artist.
3. Own a quirkly little second hand bookstore...where reading the books is more important then the price of them.
4. To own a little cottage, where every room feels like home.
5. to travel again...I did so little of it, then had kids...so one day I'd like to be able to travel again..back to paris, Italy, New york...Japan.
6. To have the craft room of my dreams...and not the craftroom of limits...space being a major issue...and to learn to sew.

7. To learn Spanish Fluently...and not just the dirty lustful hot words *smiles*

8. To become a published writer...to one day have a novel in a bookstore that people actually enjoy.
9. To watch my kids, live happy healthy lives..to watch them grow up into amazing individuals.
Doing something they truly love and adore.

10. To still be totally head over heels breathlessly in love at 80.

Just 10 things Id like to do or see before I die...but 10 very close my heart things.
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enjoy your Tuesday.
- Courtney

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